Project management


Email integration (parsing)

Project calculations, sub-calculations & controling

Dynamic dashboards, KPIs

Security, reliability


Sales and project management, CRM, calculations, controlling and document system

iDesk.web software package is an online product designed for managing sales, projects and CRM. It monitors the entire process, from the first contact with the potential customer to the final project implementation and after-sales activities. The easy-to-use product includes dynamic dashboards, Pipeline control, graphic KPIs, Milestone management, Gant-charts, Controlling, Document system and other useful features.

Simplicity and transparency

Since the program is very transparent and easy to use, there is only minimal training required.

The dynamic dashboard
  • The main overview of inquiries and projects
  • Option of filtering by periods, employees etc.
  • Weekly reviews
  • 10 latest modified inquiries


Sales management
  • Complete sales management
  • User-defined statuses with corresponding sub-statuses
  • Entering comments (code list of comment types)
  • Email integration – sending and receiving emails
  • Automatic integration of email from default email clients (POP3 / IMAPI) into the product
  • Editing events with user calendar directly from the CRM
  • A segment of optional (user-defined) attributes
  • Module for calculating and sub-calculating inquiry values (according to the user-defined template)


  • Basic project management
  • Creating a project from completed inquiry
  • Entering comments (code list of comment types)
  • Email integration – sending and receiving emails
  • Automatic integration of email from default email clients (POP3 / IMAPI) into the product
  • Editing events directly from the inquiry
  • Segment of optional (user-defined) attributes
  • A Gantt overview of the project progress
  • Module for calculating and sub-calculating project values (according to user-defined template)
  • Module of annexes


Organiser (calendar)
  • Calendar management
  • Connecting events with partners, inquiries or projects
  • Different types of events (freely adjustable)
  • System of reminder templates for specific type of events
  • Managing events directly from a module (inquiries, projects)


  • Security and restriction of access
  • Audit trails
  • Data protection, application security
  • Operation

The right to access and view/modify/delete specific sections can be set in detail. The product records all events (entries, changes, deletions) that occur in the programme, including any accesses.

The online application is installed in a secure environment. It was developed by using the latest technology and in line with best practices related to safe development. The Imagine d.o.o. company has obtained the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate for information security management, which means the information, as well as the development of the company’s products, are safe, which is regularly verified by independent ISO professional auditors. We have proven that our company operates successfully in all conditions by meeting the requirements of the ISO 22301:2019 standard for Business Continuity Management System.

The product is adequately certified, protected with passwords and secure HTTPS connections (Extended Validation SSL Certificate), and adapted for display and use on tablets and smartphones. The connection, i.e. integration with other systems takes place through secure (HTTPS) connections.

The product requires the user to create a secure login password, enables a multi-level set-up of the right to access individual windows/sections/data and specific real estate. The system records an audit trail.

The product’s features within the SaaS subscription include the 24/7 availability, 99.9% accessibility, and data archiving (back-up). Clients bear no additional costs with their hardware; all they need is an internet connection to be able to access the product.