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The power of Imagine ERP…


Is intended for medium and large distribution companies with a number of branches

Comprehensive software which is intended for medium and large distribution businesses with a number of branches, production companies using warehouses (the emphasis is on the warehouses) and service providing companies.
We present the software package iSelect, built on MS-SQL database. It is highly transparent and user-friendly since it only demands some basic knowledge of Windows OS and material management.

modul iShop

Software package iSelect module – iShop PRO for online stores and two-way data transfer includes:
  • exporting data to websites: exports of items, prices, classifications, images stock, partner prices, related items.
  • importing from the websites: imports of received orders.

modul iSelect tekstil

Program module of the software package iSelect for retail and wholesale of textiles

We paid special attention to textile sales. We considered the requirements of successful salespeople and adjusted it accordingly. Our goal was to make work as easy as possible, while at the same producing all necessary information.

modul iSelect vozila


Service and sales of spare car parts has its specifics that cannot be found in regular programs. However, they are very important and would otherwise have to be recorded and kept manually. With this module you are able to keep track of vehicles serviced and spare car parts sales for more car makes simultaneously. It includes additional code tables of vehicles, makes and models, types, colors, additional equipment, interior and fuel. There is an option of entering tickets and work orders for vehicles. The program supports different work orders: warranty, internal, insurance company (partial approval possible), general…

Limited version of very wide product iSelect

The application presents a limited version a very wide product iSelect. It is dedicated for the managing service operations. It contains modules for the management of the wholesale and retail (optional number of cashiers) offers, accounts of receipts, cancellation of documents (credit notes), payments, advance payment invoices, record books and credit notes, tax… It is distinguished by simple use and large number of checks or reports, that can be easily exported in many file formats (PDF, RTF, XLS and many other), be shipped by electronic mail, etc. Statistical printouts are made available in the form on and linear plots. Multilingual support (CRO, BIH, ME, RS, ENG, GER). Option to bind of documents to another document. Export documents in the format XML is enabled in order to facilitate the electronic commerce.

Automatic import of payment orders

Intended for the automatic import of payment orders: obligations to the suppliers, obligations to the pre-payments to tax institutions (Slovenian tax office), recovery of overpayment, repayment of voluntary funds, obligation to employees for salaries and other obligations and payments. The payment orders can be changed and repaired, the payments can be united for individual suppliers and consequently the reference notes can be created in the form of files.