The power of Imagine ERP…


Is intended for medium and large distribution companies with a number of branches

Comprehensive software is intended for medium and large distribution businesses with a number of branches, production companies using warehouses (the emphasis is on the warehouses) and service providing companies.
We present the software package iSelect, built on MS-SQL database. It is highly transparent and user-friendly since it only demands some basic knowledge of Windows OS and material management.

Our products are intended for all sizes of companies, and for some smaller companies and for various service companies we have adapted less extensive some versions of products. Thus, the iSelect SERVICE product is suitable for service companies, iSelect LITE for smaller companies, and iSelect for medium and large companies.

iSelect LITE

Material warehousing operations of small companies

A product intended for the material warehousing business of small and medium-sized companies.


Service business management

Product for managing invoices, offers, pro forma invoices, etc., intended for service companies.



iShop – for online stores and one-way data transfer

iShop PRO – for online stores and two-way data transfer

iEDI – data transfer according to the EDIFact standard

Gift cards – gift card business

Loyalty – customer loyalty program

iSelect textile – retail and wholesale of textiles

Additional modules

Offline + synchro – offline branches + synchronization of data from/to the administration

Archiving documents – issued invoices, credits, cash receipts and expenses in the cloud (by agreement)

Direct debits – export of direct debits (SEPA)

APS – digitization of incoming documents

Tickets – sale and use of tickets (for fairs, events)

imDocs – electronic document exchange

Automatic import of payment orders

Intended for the automatic import of payment orders: obligations to the suppliers, obligations to the pre-payments to tax institutions (Slovenian tax office), recovery of overpayment, repayment of voluntary funds, obligation to employees for salaries and other obligations and payments. The payment orders can be changed and repaired, the payments can be united for individual suppliers and consequently the reference notes can be created in the form of files.


Enables managing in handling different types of cards

Enables managing in handling different types of cards: store cards, discount cards, accreditations for different events (sports competitions, congress, professional seminars…), cards for childcare in playrooms of big shopping malls, kindergartens…

iDesk WEB

Easy project management, CRM, calculations and sub-calculations

iDesk.web software package is an online product designed for managing simple projects and CRM. It monitors the entire process, from the receipt of inquires to the final project implementation. The easy-to-use product includes dynamic dashboards, graphic KPIs and other useful features.

iFacility WEB

Web application that enables a unified centralized record of requests

iFacility is a web application that enables a unified centralized record of requests. It supports the process of submitting, resolving and monitoring requests. At the same time, it enables planning, monitoring and analysis of tasks.