Enables managing in handling different types of cards

Enables managing in handling different types of cards: store cards, discount cards, accreditations for different events (sports competitions, congress, professional seminars…), cards for childcare in playrooms of big shopping malls, kindergartens…


Program package iCards is intended for: companies, schools, kindergartens, universities, associations, non-profit organizations and all other organizations that need any types of cards for the business operations: plastic, paper or other.

Distribution and sales business use cards with or without a magnetic stripe for different benefits or discounts, and store cards.
Universities use the cards to access laboratories or computer labs and to assign students to their lab classes as well as grant access to optional payable webinars and/or seminars. This makes checking attendance much easier for there is no need to lists or student IDs. The same applies for high schools and elementary schools as well as all other companies offering education services.

Associations can use the cards to monitor and check memberships, membership fees due/paid, members’ categories, etc.

Sporting events managers use cards to produce accreditations for different participants (competitors, referees, coaches, press, photographers, etc.). The accreditations can come in different colors which makes it easier to determine, for it can be seen from afar, what locations a certain person has the access to, or even where the movement is confined or strictly prohibited.

Wholesale stores and big malls have special playrooms from children, where parents can entrust the caregivers and animator their children. Parents are given a card, while due to security reasons the person at the front desk captures the image of the person bringing a child to the playroom.

By producing and issuing cards, the organizers of conferences, congress, seminars and other gatherings have direct access to the lists of participants, which could be categorized according to different criteria.

A detailed review of certain options

Code table

It enables administrators to enter:

  • determined groups of users,
  • Individual users,
  • Card types,
  • Card user categories,
  • Employees transferred into the code table of users.

Auxiliary code table

Enable entering:

  • Member/participating countries with images of flags,
  • Postal codes (Slovenian postal codes are already entered). .

KCard users are recorded with a number of different data. In addition to various input options, it is possible to edit images (reduce, cut, shade, etc.), determine their source (web camera, folder, scanner, etc.). Watermarks and magnetic stripes can also be added. Cards can be processed individually or in groups, depending on the needs and resources of the organizer or the issuers. All data can be changed, recording history and the person making the changes.

Participants’ and users’ data can also be imported from different outside databases, while the software database is based on MS-SQL data base. All data can be written out as different lists and organized according to different criteria. A number of filters enables a selection of data for IZPIS. With a simple click you can sort data into countless columns, while different data can be added and mean values can be easily determined, etc. These data can be exported to Excel, Word or PDF documents or emailed directly.

The need for an accurate log of arrivals and departures or check-ins and check-outs (especially in children’s playrooms) of individuals or groups has also been addressed. The user has a complete overview of when a certain person came, where they were recorded at all times. If there are many check-in points, an image of a parent brining or picking up a child can be taken and recorded. The child’s safety and parental trust are the most important issues here.

The administrator can specify the authorization for entering, passwords, fonts and designs as well as everything else desirable for an attractive appearance of the card. Data can be exported to iSelect – program for material accountancy, where they can be used for other purposes (e.g. invoicing participants).

Special events with the use of iCards software
  • Microsoft NT conference,
  • Annual festival Lent,
  • Annual WC ski race Zlata lisica,
  • Annual nautical fair in Portoroz,
  • Annual nautical fair in Croatia,
  • European Initiative Summit in Portoroz 2004,
  • CEFTA meeting in Brdo pri Kranju 2003,
  • ATP tennis tour Umag etc.