For management, recording and digital entries of package executions

The application is developed for management, recording and digital entries of package executions (based on the authentic document) at central web portal “Central department for the authentic documents (CoVL)”.

The product enables preparing of proposals for enforcement through imports (iPartments – direct link with the bookkeeping of purchasers, XML, imports from software of other tenderers) or hand entries and submission on web portal Central department for the authentic documents (CoVL) and monitoring of the status of submitted enforcement proposal packages. It is possible to manage a logbook, to add comments and other information, which are not part of the form for the proposal for enforcement. The application enables work on a test CoVL system, transfers of proposals between databases, exports of proposals for XML. All data can complement and be revised prior to the submission to the CoVL portal, if necessary.

Also preparing of preset proposals is allowed (reasonable, when data of a creditor, legitimate representative, costs of a creditor, executive funds, account for transfer of money of collected amount, etc. equal for more proposals)..

In addition to the the necessary data records offered by the CoVL, the application offers additional possibilities such as:
  • authentic document is “broken” to individual or costs or claims, a user has a decision making possibility on the content of data that will appear in the executive proposal,
  • seizure status is added, as well records on time of seizure and it’s description,
  • comments on the package are added to facilitate the recipient search for individual proposals in the package,
  • comments on the proposal are added (may be changed if the e. g. the client responded during the procedure, all other events).
  • digital input of package execution/enforcement from 1 to 100 proposals at the same time,
  • full record of prepared, submitted, approved and effected executions/enforcement,
  • possibility of addition, repair and modification of the data before submitting of execution/enforcement,
  • possibility of imports of the data from different applications of other software companies,
  • production of XML export file according to the instructions of the CoVL,
  • verification of debtor with the business partners database published in the Bank of Slovenia (accounts register) before issuing of execution/enforcement in order the user avoids the rejection of applications due to small disparities in the data of the debtor (legal persons).
iClaim enables data transfer from certain applications of Imagine company:
  • iPartments – application for the management of real estate,
  • iFinance – application for general ledger with bookkeeping and tax book.