Management of the built-in counters records (heating, water and gas)


The application is developed for the management of the built-in counters records (heating, water and gas), clearance of counters, data acquisition from suppliers files on consumption of heating energy, distributions of this consumption on units based on certain factors and export of data to application iPartments.

Users of program iPartments can use the same code tables as in iPartments. Counters data can be imported in iPartments directly, without translators.

It is possible to register:
  • facilities (buildings),
  • register of units (connection on buildings, users, owners of units and measuring devices),
  • measuring device (with serial numbers, binding on units in iPartmentsu, space in dwelling, types of measuring devices…),
  • types of measuring devices, heating elements,
  • translator of facilities and units (for links and transfers from/to managers).
Other functions:
  • boiler management (charging of flat rates, collection of costs and subsequent balance of payment for heating),
  • recording of events at each of the measuring devices (services, replacements of equipment, etc),
  • import of different files from different enumerators of measuring devices (different structures of meters) for consumption of heating energy, from different buildings,
  • recording of imports history (who has imported from which computer, when, etc.),
  • synchronization with the application iPartments,
  • export of user adjustable accounts,
  • clearing of independent costs under the various keys of division (floor space area, number of persons, unit),
  • transfer of costs on clearance from application iPartments or auxiliary calculation (auxiliary tool in application iCounters),
  • import of different files from different producers and enumerators (Siemens files, Brunata, Enerkon…), measuring devices (different structures of counters), consumption of heating energy, different buildings,
  • import of files with data on buildings, units, owners and users (with necessary data for informing/notification) from application iPartments,
  • export of files in iPartments, sending of files with calculations to the managers that use iPartments,
  • notification of owners.