Automatic import of payment orders

Intended for the automatic import of payment orders: obligations to the suppliers, obligations to the pre-payments to tax institutions (Slovenian tax office), recovery of overpayment, repayment of voluntary funds, obligation to employees for salaries and other obligations and payments. The payment orders can be changed and repaired, the payments can be united for individual suppliers and consequently the reference notes can be created in the form of files.

The bank statements in the format SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) are imported and automatically booked, after which the booked payments are reflected in interoperable applications for the management of the suppliers’ bookkeeping. The application supports an export/ import ISO – format Sepa XML and other Slovenian standards.

The application iPartments allows the import of obligations to supplier to the extent that the buyers have payed to the manager (property manager). These obligations may be carried over several times, taking into control the already transferred amounts.

Relationship with the application packages:
  • iPartments (application for managers of immovable property),
  • iFinance (general ledger),
  • iPay (the salaries and personnel records) and iDesk (CRM).