web portal that provides access to selected information for owners

The web application is assigned to the transparent web display of selected information for owners and tenants of units (apartments, business places, garages…). With the usage of this application the manager is relieved from explaining of different information and copying of documents, that he is obliged to assure to owners of individual places in building.

The owner/tenant of the unit may review the following contents:
    • information on his own units (apartments, business places, garages…),
    • information on costs, on each unit, payable by the formula divisions,v his own distribution vouchers for the periodic accounts and spare fund,
    • distribution of each supplier’ s invoices by electronic copy of the supplier’ s invoice,
    • all booked claims and payments, open items,
    • balance of payments and debts for spare fund,
    • collected resources to voluntary funds (miscellaneous advances, rent common spaces…),
    • relevant documents (contract on the management, of interrelation, domestic rules),
    • various other documents (report on managers work, contract anex, various decisions,…)


  • communicates with the manager about:
  • number of persons and dogs,
  • measured data in meters.
The application package consists of three modules:
  • module for transfer of selected data from MS SQL database in MY SQL for easier web display,
  • modul for moving data on web portal,
  • application itself, which introduces data on web.
Product iiPortal is divided on two parts:
  • administration part for the manager (manager determines which information (menu, submenu) are visible to owners/tenants, he is arranging frequent questions, taking over inventories of counters),
  • users part for owners and tenants of places.
The application is able to read-only data filled from Imagine applications of new generation: iPartments, iDesk and iBuilding.