iNep pro

A single register, detailed monitoring and real-estate analysis

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The product is designed for owners of multiple properties (banks, insurance companies, real estate funds, municipalities …) that need to keep a single, comprehensive and structured record, and want to monitor and analyze their own property. It is appropriate for both, the individual companies and conglomerates (in different countries), since all properties can be managed, using the same program and data base.

Extensive real-estate data base

The product allows users to keep a detailed record of all key information about each individual property, arranged by different estimated values (estimated by The Surveying and Mapping Authority), countries, regions, locations, types, subtypes, managers.  Different descriptions of properties for various different purposes (marketing, remarks…) are also available in addition to assigning properties to organizational units and sources of financing. Furthermore, different statuses of the properties can be added, and data concering connections to urban infrastructure, and projects documentation and required permits can be entered.   Different appraisals and appraisal documents are also included.  A display of all properties is also possible in Google Maps and of individual properties on Google Street View. The program also contains information on tenants (tenants history), lease contracts and includes reminders for different events and purposes.

Simplicity and transparency

The program is very transparent and easy to use. It contains extensive data on individual properties and a range of other advanced options necessary for the monitoring and analysis of real-estate.

Integration with The Surveying and Mapping Authority and Financial Administration

The product is linked to the Surveying and Mapping Authority data base via the web interfaces. Various different data can be automatically imported from SMA data bases, including the ID table of buildings and plots (according to the entered location of the property). The values of the properties are also automatically updated at every change. Data of legal entities can be imported from the Financial Administration data base

Documentation and images

The users are able to attach any number of documents (attachments) to each property, such as images, real-estate appraisals, location information, land register extracts, offers, contracts, folder copies, etc . All documentation can also be set at the level of individual events and linked to the property. Any number of images can be added. In addition, mass importing of images is also enabled, including simultaneous editing and automatic watermarking.


The program allows users to monitor and analyze any events, related to the property and partners. Events can be entered into  calendars, including a two-way synchronization with Google calendar.

Document templates

The program allows users to setup different document templates (e.g. a certificate of inspection of the property, contracts with buyers and / or sellers, etc.). This can be done according to predefined variables. Documents (templates) can be linked to the type of event as well as to the type or subtype of the property, so only the relevant documents are automatically prepared for each individual event.


A detailed record of the relocation of the company’s employees, including fixed assets, is also available. It includes records of employees and fixed assets, arranged by offices, in addition to the nested hierarchical classification by floors, employees and the fixed assets.

Keeping records of revenues and expenditures

The program allows users to monitor expenditures and revenues for each individual property. Furthermore, also enabled is the integration with databases of real-estate managers, and connection to various ERP products (for each customer individually).

Reviews / print-outs, analysis

There is a multitude of different printouts of real-estate and various lists available, intended for the management and supervisory boards of companies.  This allows them to monitor the agents and their effectiveness, customers, real estate, etc.

Security and restrictions of access rights, audit trial

Access, modification and deletion rights of individual property can be specifically set. The rights can be set at the level of user groups, with same users being assigned to several groups, therefore having access to different groups and levels of the real-estate. The product records all events that occur in the program, including changes in the code lists.

Marketing of real-estate and sales analysis

The product includes a comprehensive module intended for the marketing of real estate, including exporting different properties to various real-estate portals. When a property has been selected and entered, the program searches for potential buyers in an existing database. The buyers can then be automatically sent a text message and / or an e-mail. The program searches for potential buyers on the basis of pre-entered inquiries and criteria. The list of all inquiries of potential buyers is very transparent and can be set according to preferred filters. Included are an extensive monitoring of statistics and sales analysis, showing the average differences between the market and the final sales prices, the average time of the sale, by regions and agents, as well as statistics of realized transactions (numbers, prices, regions).

Multiple languages

The program allows managing and conversion of property values in different currencies and exchange rates. If data entered or imported into the database concerns the real estate of companies outside Slovenia, then it is converted into Euro and consequently kept in a single common currency. The audit trail of conversions between currencies is provided, as well as the audit trail of any massive imports of real-estate. The program has been translated into some foreign languages and automatically adjusts to the language of the user.

iNep portal

iNep portal is a secured web portal, where users can find data about a certain property. The data is transferred from the application which contains data (records) about available properties and can be seen online (protected by passwords and secure connections). The application has also been adjusted for use on tablet computers and smart phones. There are also different graphical reviews of data available, arranged by the key performance indicators.