iPodpora PRO Web Support

Centralised support system, automation, task rationalisation

Work simplification, saving time and money, increased user satisfaction

Organising. Setting priorities. Task assignments. Monitoring.

Faster response times, transparency, traceability of events, paperless business operation

Detailed request analyses, KPI, graphical overviews

Online product, portal for clients and supporters

iPodpora pro

A central record for detailed monitoring and end-user request resolution (clients / employees / partners)





Maintenance Requests

Service Request

Efficiently managing service requests is vital to keeping your organisation’s infrastructure running smoothly and your users satisfied. Your teams can now enjoy a robust, cloud-based facility management tool that’s simple to deploy and easy to use. Schedule, dispatch, manage and report service requests efficiently using selfservice capabilities to reduce operational costs and increase customer satisfaction.

iPodpora pro software is used to organize and prioritize tickets. Application allows you to prioritize tickets by urgency, organize them into categories and filter them in other easy, convenient ways.

A powerful ticket management tool with advanced automation features.

  • Improve Customer Support
  • Reduce Your Workload
  • Save Time and Money
  • All-In-One Solution

Imagine’s iPodpora PRO (ServiceDesk, SupportDesk, HelpDesk,  Service Request) is an online application for preparation, submission (sending), monitoring and analysing requests.

Depending on the business activity, the categories (e.g., premises, properties, buildings, machines, software products etc.) in which various tasks are performed can be optionally configured in the settings. Different tasks require the setting of different types of requests which occur depending on the business activity (e.g. reporting of errors, reclamations, interventions, necessary repairs, defects etc.). Users can submit requests by using their internet browsers on a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. The requests can be tracked and processed on all these devices. An internet connection is required to operate the system.

The product increases productivity, reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction.


BENEFITS for users/companies:

  • a single IT-supported centralised record of requests,
  • 24/7 availability and accessibility from any device connected to the internet,
  • rationalisation of resolving requests,
  • manages the entire cycle from the request submission to completion; transparency,
  • dynamic KPI graphic overviews and analyses,
  • reduced operating costs, response time, classification time, time for monitoring etc.,
  • classification of requests by certain priorities,
  • easy classification of requests among supporters, i.e., request-resolving individuals (employees, contractors etc.),
  • setting the rules for resolving diverse types of requests,
  • a dynamic input box for request submission – request submitter’s known data will be filled in automatically (depending on submitter’s location and by using the migration options in the product called iNepPro, based on the rights and other known data); only relevant data is shown according to the request type, submitter, category etc.,
  • compliance with SLA rules and regulations,
  • different analyses by different criteria (analysis of the measured time from receipt to the realisation of requests, analysis by types of requests, analysis of resolved and unresolved requests, analysis by units (e.g., properties), analysis by contractors) and appropriate consequential improvement of services,
  • monitoring efficiency for supporters’ employees as well as contractors,
  • preparing, sending and resolving requests in all work environments (at company’s headquarters, branch offices, suppliers’/contractors’, on site), using the application on all types of devices with an internet browser and enabled internet connection.

The external portal users (clients, suppliers, employees) are given insight into the history of all requests they have submitted, including resolved and open (unresolved) requests. The submitted/resolved requests also serve as proof of mutual communication for both parties (those who submit the requests and those who resolve them).


Reminders and rights:

The pre-set control parameters allow the preparation of various reminders that, in the event certain rules are violated (e.g., in the event of an untimely resolved request, as per contractual provisions), inform the responsible persons in the form of an e-mail or text message (SMS).

The product allows the setting of various supporters’ or maintenance workers’ rights, replacement of one supporter or designation of several supporters to resolve the request, an internal communication between responsible supporters at the level of an individual request, maintaining an audit trail of all communication between the supporters and clients/employees/partners etc.


KPI overviews: by requests, employees, clients, supporters, properties, buildings etc.

User-defined parameters can be used to allow graphical overviews by key indicators (KPIs), which, like the requests, can be viewed by using an internet browser on all devices that are connected to the internet.

Data synchronisation,
integration with other products

Automated data synchronisation is enabled for users (partners, properties, assets) who are using the iNep.web software solution (Imagine’s property record-keeping application). There are no additional entries required for the prompt entering of requests for any of the synchronised properties or partners.

The product can be linked to other products – Imagine’s iPartments and iBuilding.

Various business activities which the products can be used for

The application is intended for various (any) activities and is adaptable (code lists etc.) to the needs of the company. If needed, it can be tailored to the specifications of each business activity.

Examples of some users’ business activities and usability of the iPodpora PRO product:

  • A company that uniformly keeps track of a large number of geographically isolated properties in which employees carry out their work, whereby it receives requests separately by premises, properties, buildings etc. from these employees.
  • A company that sells/leases properties and must keep track and manage complaints and other requests by buyers/tenants for a specific period of time.
  • Property firms, including company’s employees (users of premises), tenants, maintenance workers as well as contractors of the company (maintenance providers or suppliers in charge of various repairs etc.), who are part of the system.
  • A company that manages multi-residential/commercial buildings, where an operational administrator (or a supporter) prepares a request for other employees and external (contractual) suppliers to resolve specific tasks or perform the necessary tasks with the aim of resolving a request by the owner or the user in a certain property that is managed by the company.
  • A company that offers various services to clients, such as software or hardware, wherein the clients / customers report errors or submit different types of requests, complaints etc.
  • A company that offers a variety of services and wants to communicate with their employees and/or clients, suppliers etc.
Range of activities

The system for sending and resolving requests can be used:

  • internally within a single company,
  • among the number of related companies (a group of companies), or
  • between the company and its clients and/or partners (e.g., users of its products, tenants on its premises or properties, suppliers, service providers, property owners etc.).
Information requirements

The application can be rented as SaaS (Software as a Service). Communication is protected by an HTTPS connection.

The IT environment

The application runs with the pre-existing internet connection, by using an internet browser on desktop and laptop computers alike, as well as on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The overview, resolving, track keeping, and processing of requests is enabled by using the above-mentioned devices in all environments utilised by the user when carrying out their work.