iSelect Service Limited version of product iSelect

iSelect Service

Limited version of very wide product iSelect

The application presents a limited version a very wide product iSelect. It is dedicated for the managing service operations. It contains modules for the management of the wholesale and retail (optional number of cashiers) offers, accounts of receipts, cancellation of documents (credit notes), payments, advance payment invoices, record books and credit notes, tax… It is distinguished by simple use and large number of checks or reports, that can be easily exported in many file formats (PDF, RTF, XLS and many other), be shipped by electronic mail, etc. Statistical printouts are made available in the form on and linear plots. Multilingual support (CRO, BIH, ME, RS, ENG, GER). Option to bind of documents to another document. Export documents in the format XML is enabled in order to facilitate the electronic commerce.

After entered supplier (vendor) invoices and their redistribution in product iPartments, can the commission (buying-in of receivables) automatically recalculate and be transfered from iPartmentsa to iSelect (service), where the invoices for suppliers are automatically generated (on its own behalf) for »commissions« payable by the corresponding annexes.