Program module of the software package iSelect for retail and wholesale of textiles

We paid special attention to textile sales. We considered the requirements of successful salespeople and adjusted it accordingly. Our goal was to make work as easy as possible, while at the same producing all necessary information.

Module enables adding extra information to sales items, e.g. colors, sizes or bar codes for accessories. There is an option of entering size groups, keeping stock records according to colors, sizes and stock review according to those parameters. Group entry of items into documents (interface for easier entry of items according to accessories), reviews and prints for each accessory, printing of declarations with textile symbols. This added information is also transferred via interface iSelect for online store.

Distinctive features of the textile module are as follows:
  • it enables entering items according to colors and sizes,
  • it enables a block group entry: due to a faster entry, individual items can be assigned to a group, which is set when ordering, while the quantities for individual items are entered into an Excel-like table,
  • Modes of keeping track of items can also be defined, e.g. by suppliers, brands, products themselves (pants, shirts, turtle neck jumpers…), trends (causal, business, fashion) or any other criteria,
  • it enables an entry of three designated season sales with all discounts for certain items; each cash register, business unit or cost sheet can have its own sale,
  • it enables price printing on the labels,
  • it enables uses to control batch sales (joint orders for all buyers and repackaging control upon the takeover of goods, delivery notes, and invoices for each individual buyer),
  • it enables inter-branch transfers.