iSelect vehicles


Service and sales of spare car parts has its specifics that cannot be found in regular programs. However, they are very important and would otherwise have to be recorded and kept manually. With this module you are able to keep track of vehicles serviced and spare car parts sales for more car makes simultaneously. It includes additional code tables of vehicles, makes and models, types, colors, additional equipment, interior and fuel. There is an option of entering tickets and work orders for vehicles. The program supports different work orders: warranty, internal, insurance company (partial approval possible), general…

With the work order you are able to allocate work hours per services performed. There are different options in terms of records and graphical presentations of work hours spent… Supported are also exports into and from other applications (RcG Assist), retail sales of spare parts, link to iCarPark for new and used cars sales, review of car services performed, sales by vehicles, customers…

Some of the additional features are:


  • Code list of vehicles based on chassis, registration, make and typo of the vehicle, color, class, additional equipment, interior, fuel…
  • Insurance companies’ claims are considered when servicing a vehicle: after evaluating the work order is sent to the insurance company for approval. In addition partial approvals are also possible (30% is paid by the client and 70% by the insurance company)
  1. Warranty repairs: warranty maintenance period is limited. Warranty claims are sent to an authorized importer. Upon approval the imported is invoiced for services performed and material used.
  2. When a customer reports a problem, a ticket is produced, containing basic information: vehicle, owner, failure description of failure, repairs needed…
  3. The ticket is then used to produce the work order (this is done automatically), containing all information that are written on the ticket. Work orders are specially designed for these types of repairs: general repairs, warranty repairs, replacements under warranty, repairs covered by the insurance company, internal repairs, related purchasing costs (for special events, such as an installation of additional items), repairs of vehicles in consignment sales
The program includes an option which allows users to keep track of many cost sheets simultaneously, for repairs and sales alike. This makes it possible to monitor business results for each cost sheet (e.g.: Mazda, Ford, etc.).

Each service shop has its own warehouse aside from the main warehouse and the spare parts warehouse. The material needed is transferred form the spare parts cost sheets to work orders with a transverser, which debits the stock and transfer parts to the service shop warehouse, linking it to the work order at the same time. All transfers, work orders and other documents are shown in the interface which has been optimized to work quickly and efficiently with documents (opening, printing, processing, producing new documents from the existing ones…)

The head of the service shop enters services performed and hours spent into the work order before submitting it. The employees can be linked to the services performed, which provides data to the efficiency and effectiveness analysis. Performance norms and criteria can be added, which tells us how much time a certain repair should take.

Chart analysis of the hours worked

Record and reports have been adjusted to meet the need of different business. This way we can get records of partners that came to the service shop over a selected period (customer satisfaction check, promotional material…), record of services performed over a selected period, records of margins generated, etc. All records can be exported to different formats: PDF, RTF, JPEG, HTML or Excel for any additional processing or analysis.

The program allows users to keep track of stock according to FIFO method by retail or purchase prices. Retail sales of spare parts and sales analysis for each cost sheet is also supported. The program is linked to iCarPark, which is intended for sales of new and used cars. The programs use the same code tables (partners, vehicles, models, marks…). Documents can be connected, which means that we can get the complete history for a certain vehicle (purchases and sales, regular maintenance, repairs, etc.). Adding the related costs for any vehicle is also possible with the iSelect program, which gives us the exact margin when the vehicle is sold. Programs can be linked to other programs, while at the same time operating independently from one another. They can be automatically linked to some of our program solutions (iFinance – main ledger with subsidiary accounts and the tax book), which could comprise the entire business operation of a larger car dealership.