iShop PRO

iSelect module –
For online stores

Software package iSelect module – iShop PRO for online stores and two-way data transfer includes:

  • exporting data to websites: exports of items, prices, classifications, images stock, partner prices, related items.
  • importing from the websites: imports of received orders.
In addition to the two-way data transfer, the software also enables:
  • Automated order generation,
  • Communication with the WEB service (regular inquiries for current prices, stock etc.),
  • iSelect has an option enabling users to define additional fields for items that could be then uploaded on the web (e.g. YouTube links, additional item dimensions, etc.)
  • We can set an unrestricted number of additional titles (e.g. for the web, catalogue, short title, etc.) in different languages. All titles are uploaded, which means that we could have different titles on our website as in iSelect.
  • There is also an option of adding additional item classifications (in addition to classification 1 and 2), which could also be uploaded to the internet.
  • We can add longer descriptions to classifications 1 and 2, while also uploading the image to the online store and showing it to the user.


iShop interface exports:
  • items, images, stock, additional/foreign titles, bills of material, classifications, colors/sizes, customers item codes, related items, etc.
  • The online store user could be known or unknown. Known buyers can also see the prices which you have defined in the iSelect pricelists. Once the buyer has concluded the purchase, this gets automatically entered into orders received in iSelect, where the orders are handled. In addition, all visits can be transferred to iDesk, where you get all data on a single record from iDesk, iSelect and data about website hits, e.g.: number of visits, number of orders, realization, margin, number of iDesk calls…




Note: the software can be used only in connection with the iSelect program.
Online store: two-way data transfer of the iShop module from iSelect.