Program instructions, FAQ

we offer various types of support to our clients

Imagine offers extensive program instructions for all our products. In addition to descriptions and visual material, our instructions also include video instructions, FAQ, various legal basis etc. We regularly inform our clients of any major supplementations of program instructions.

You can access programs instructions and information on:
Sign in with the your password that you use for Imagine Autoupdate.

Courses and training

In the event a new program products is released or there is an increased demand for instruction on the part of key clients, we also offer group training courses. Otherwise we carry out education and training sessions for each individual company on site or at our business premises, where were have a specially equipped facilities for this purpose. We offer support and help via iPODPORA system, and also over the phone.

Education and training services shall be charged in accordance with the Imagine price list. The current price list is available in the iPodpora system, where our clients can also access other price lists, program instructions and other documentation.

We are available daily from 8am to 4pm or by appointment, and by special arrangement also outside working hours.