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Property Management

Building Management, Real Estate Management, Maintenance Management, Lease Management, Long-range and annual facility planning, Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM)…


Residential Management, Commercial Management

It supports complete administration of buildings.


Maintenance register of buildings and their parts

The product is developed for the management and maintenance register of buildings and their parts, preparing of maintenance plans, organization and monitoring of group of owners.

Management of the buildings counters records

The application is developed for the management of the built-in counters records (heating, water and gas), clearance of counters, data acquisition from suppliers files on consumption of heating energy, distributions of this consumption on units based on certain factors and export of data to application iPartments.

Web portal that provides access to selected information for owners

The web application is assigned to the transparent web display of selected information for owners and tenants of units (apartments, business places, garages…).

Enables preparing of proposals for enforcement

The product enables preparing of proposals for enforcement through imports (iPartments – direct link with the bookkeeping of purchasers, XML, imports from software of other tenderers) or hand entries and submission on web portal Central department for the authentic documents (CoVL) and monitoring of the status of submitted enforcement proposal packages.