Web-based software Real Estate Management solution

Real Estate Property Management Software Products

In the area of recording and analysing the real estate portfolio, our products are mainly used by large companies who have to deal with many properties (including within subsidiaries and across multiple countries), which is why they especially need a uniform record.

Those clients include the largest Slovenian banks and insurance companies and large companies, some from the other republics of former Yugoslavia.


Property Management, Portfolio Mgmt, Asset Mgmt, Space Mgmt, CRM

The product is designed for owners of multiple properties (banks, insurance companies, real estate funds, municipalities …) that need to keep a single, comprehensive and structured record, and want to monitor and analyze their own property. It is appropriate for both, the individual companies and conglomerates (in different countries), since all properties can be managed, using the same program and data base.

iPodpora pro

(ServiceDesk, SupportDesk, HelpDesk, Maintenance Requests)

Imagine’s iPodpora PRO (ServiceDesk, SupportDesk, HelpDesk) is a web application for preparation, submission (sending), monitoring and analysing requests (tickets, issues).

Depending on the business activity, the categories (e.g., premises, properties, buildings, machines, software products etc.) in which various tasks are performed can be optionally configured in the settings.


Easy project management, CRM, calculations and sub-calculations

iDesk.web software package is an online product designed for managing simple projects and CRM. It monitors the entire process, from the receipt of inquires to the final project implementation. The easy-to-use product includes dynamic dashboards, graphic KPIs and other useful features.