Administration of buildings

Represents the basic product of the Imagine Company in the field of building’s management. It supports complete administration of buildings (of housing and of business buildings, of garages, etc.) and enables all options required for the redistribution of costs, management of bookkeeping of buyers and suppliers, direction of backup and voluntary funds, direction of deposits with relevant interest, clearance of permanent costs, rate charging of costs and paying to suppliers, direction of admonitions, of default interest, of positive interest of voluntary funds, direction of collections and records of lawsuits (concerning product iClaim). The iPartments software allows timely keys of division, account data, ownership data. The product enables accounting for commercial differences or for purchases of suppliers’ claims, automatic builds reports on the work of the building managers, etc. In relation to certain other products of Imagine the product covers all fields that managers of real properties use for their entire business, so there is no need for alternative software solutions. The product is based on Microsoft SQL data server, which is allowing reliable and quick activity.

Main advantages of product:

  • automation of all business functions,
  • transparent link of accounts, bookkeeping of buyers, bookkeeping of suppliers and funds,
  • complementarity to major suppliers (electricity, waste management, oil or gas, water) within the meaning of the automatic imports of their invoices and export of relevant files for payments,
  • through 500 different checks and print – outs, tables, graphic checks. .. ,
  • integrated Pivot tables,
  • complementarity to the standard formats (MS Word, Excel, HTML, PDF. ..),
  • extensive video software and video instructions leading through all relevant software operations and procedures,
  • simple preparation of accounts and distribution of invoices.

Main operations of the product:


Clearance and redistribution of costs can be carried out from different (more than 50) preset keys of division on buildings, entrances, units, sub-units and settlements (neighbourhoods). Clearance of users’ own services (administration) can be carried out in different manners such as, floor area, units, round percent from purchase value (percent determined on building, units, general values and other combinations), indexing, binding on other costs, setting of exception, etc. Two-level adjustable keys of division are enabled (1st level – settlement or. neighbourhood; 2nd level – building), where the 1st level can be different from the 2nd level..

The option of invoices copy and automated cancellation is simply solved (automatic corrections of incorrect distribution). Invoices received for redistribution of costs may relate to the various costs, facilities, settlements, sub-buildings, units, etc. The option of clearance of dependent costs is useful as well (e.g. manager charges commission from charged amount for rent of common places) and clearing of discounts – bonuses or late payment interest for regular and disorderly payers.


Very extensive management of spare fund (actual and virtual – institutions financed through state budget don’t have to invest in spare funds) and of different voluntary funds.

The application allows quick booking of different second inflows, of extraordinary inflows, of inflows/of low tides of other managers, transfers of condition of funds between different costs, payment of voluntary funds, booking of inflows from insurance companies, bank loans, Ecological fund, etc. Additionally the application guides budgetary users, monitors virtual fund. The virtual fund is suitable guided through the application in the case of total consumption spare fund resources, the institutions financed through state budget are informed as well.

The application is offering possibility of automatic disbursement of a supplier’s of invoice from spare fund (SF), voluntary fund (VF) or of their combination, where different tax rates are considered regarding a place type and size of apartment, if necessary. Charged invoices that consume SF or VF resources are recorded as reservations for SF and VF, where an excessive consumption of funds is disabled. Direction of common transactional account is allowed for backup fund, as also more separated transactional accounts (round individual buildings, that have opened own accounts). Conditions of Republic of Slovenia and PS are up-to-date within every moment, because automatic transfers of all treatments, changes, manual entries at once write down also to table of spare and voluntary fund.


Simple administration of deposits and charging deposit interest: the application creates joint deposits for selected buildings automatically. The amounts which individual building has invested into deposit are taken into account, additionally the positive interest are therefore automatically attributed to the proportional share of the deposit.


Management of more counters is allowed for every clearing unit, taking into account different costs, adding of costs one to other (hot water costs are added to cold water costs), counters can be copied. There exists a connection with the product iCounters, that is specialised for management and clearance of counters.


Automatic clearances of for-profit and non-profit rents with use of correction factors, clearances of grants, very complex direction of rents of common places (e.g. of boiler rooms, housekeepers’ apartments, of advertising panels…) in connection with tax institutions (Slovenian tax office), automatic differentiation of advances income taxes…


Management of the purchasers’ bookkeeping with different manual entries as well as by automatically imported payments through the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) and by many specialities to facilitate the manual entry, prospect for correct references, “separation” of payments on more invoices, closure of payments by means of funds.

Other automated options:

  • simple rebooking of claims (in the case that the distributor or a part of the distributor has been sent to wrong client) on a new document or distributor (on the same or to another payer), where the application automatically creates an appropriate cancellation or part cancellation of invoices in the same amount, builds a new document,
  • simple creation of credits for own services and their certification,
  • rebooking of payments paid on incorrect accounts,
  • closure of payments under more references at the same time,
  • closure of distribution vouchers, that refer to admonition (enters admonition, closes program alone, enters in the books of payment to all references that the paying notice refers to),
  • closure of eventual decimal amounts for the entire bookkeeping at once (e.g. enters every opened claim to 0,02 €) or also automatic closure of any amounts, if they are canceled.

In addition to the multitude of different print-outs (reports), offered by the application under the various parameters, the application offers a quick table review (for the purposes of the various bookkeeping analises) which can be individually adjusted in regard to the user’s demands. After each refresh of data or after the change of parameters (amendments filters) all different charts automatically generate. Therefore there is no need for a data export in Excel, etc, although this possibility exists.


The possibility of manual booking and/or automatic recording payments to suppliers carried out through iDirect (Imagine software).

In the latter case, the application iDirect transferres payments in the banking applications, the payments are consequently automatically closed or entered in iPartments. The payments to suppliers can be carried out through iDirect software completely through customers’ payments according to the contract with the supplier. The payment and entering of payments to suppliers is therefore fully automated.


Group entry, management and records of permanent costs (recurrent costs in assessable clearance: monthly, quarterly, half-year…), possibility of enlargement of value in accordance with index of growth of retail prices (determined: monthly, quarterly, half-year, annually), possibility of preparing pay-off plans with different installments, etc.


• module admonitions: reminding of debtors, charging of admonitions, admonitions for owners, price lists for reminding…

• module interest: calculation, postscript of interest on distribution vouchers, positive interest of voluntary funds…


Concerning the product iClaim there exists a very extensive option of exaction management. Data for executive procedures against debtors are imported in iClaim from product iPartments, where they are being arranged sent in integrated with the court. A two-way communication with the product iPartments is enabled, in which the costs of executions are generated automatically.

Some other important software options:


Keys of division for a certain building (entrance, sub-objekt), accounting data (number of people, animals, floor area, etc.), users and owners of units are determined timely (it is noted from which period on they are valid), which means, that invoice can be charged from any previous period (e.g. in case of different cancellations or if something hasn’t been charged). For every charged invoice via there is always clear on which some manner it was charged through the entire history (keys of division, participated units, property, accounting data…).


A grouping of distribution vouchers is allowed for more units together for individual party on different criteria (buildings, entrances, selected units, municipalities, costs, kinds of units, different currencies of payments, with all combinations…). Different readouts of united distribution vouchers exist, many different recapitulations (costs, groups of costs, suppliers, subgroups of costs, costs and VAT rates, kinds of places and VAT rates, currently of extraordinary meaning for the reduction of bank costs of every inflow…


Any number of additional, time-frame limited or unlimited clauses can be entered and set on: partners, buildings, entrances and units. Every distribution voucher can contain additional clauses beside general clause, which can refer on the: entire building, entrance and/or only on certain unit. Also clause can be set, that writes out to all units of to a certain partner or e.g. only to units a certain partner on any building.


For every supplier can for different his invoice (different costs, different buildings, etc) sets any percent or amounts »of commissions« (from purchases claim). Commissions can be determined also considering amount, e.g. round amount of sold heating oil. Commissions are calculated automatically round entered supplier’s invoices and can transfer to product iSelect (Imagine software), where supplier automatically generate bills (in proper noun) for »of commission« with suitable supplements.


Many report shapes for different buildings can be set from multitude of preset changeable data and tables. The application generates reports on manager’s work for every building automatically, especially considering his data. Reports are printed easily, transformed from standard formats into others, exported to XML and sent to print to external suppliers. After the reports are once prepared, they are automatically generate for the next time (e.g. next year), without additional intervention.


• The application contains over 60 code tables and auxiliary code tables.
• The following code tables are important:

• Costs
List of costs, where for each cost its characteristics and specialities are set in order to enable the application to know how to act at various treatments (e.g. priorities for the payments, calculation of interest, in the case of enforcement, in reference to the meters, the data for taxes, data for the costs of execution, refers to its own services, accounts, type of fund…). For the interests of greater transparency of data, the costs can be grouped in various categories and subcategories.

• Business partners 
It contains all physical and legal persons, which are performing in the application per any manner (suppliers, owners, users, tenants…). Although someone is performing in more roles (is e.g. owner of more real estate properties, a user of some unit and maybe also supplier) this person can be led under the same code (the person can be led under different codes as well if desired), because the application is allowing such manner of direction and sending of documents to different addresses (also for different buildings where this person is performing, other addressees, special addresses for spare fund…). Program keeps records extensively for every business partner with multitude of different possibilities./p>

• Buildings 
All data are included: about buildings, geodesic data, defined responsible persons (which collaborator takes care of a building), chosen contractors for maintenance and investments, list of units of buildings with common sums of gross and net floor areas, people, animals, parking lots …, list of sub-buildings (of imaginary building parts with selected units because of simplier distribution of costs), dailies of changes, photographs of buildings, different contracts (of number, date of length and description), that can be shown on distribution documents, etc.

• Unit (apartments, business places, garages…)
A complete record of all units is contained in this code table. It all comprises data about individual unit, from accounting data, owner’s, tenant’s, rents, grants, geodesic data, etc. Due to the of ensuring of all necessary data from address of rents of common places for specific institutions, such as tax institutions (Slovenian tax office) and due to ensuring of correct clearances also for longer previous periods, all important data about units (floor area, No. of persons, No. of animals…) are determined on periods. So additionally recorded valid and invalid data are recorded in one period, which are important in case of changes not announced on time and of follow-up cancellation of clearances.

Equally the ownerships and rent of properties are determined periodically, where clearance is divided proportionally per new and old tenant or property owner considering time of occupancy. Actual property is separated from clearance property, notes can be taken on unit for 99 owners as well as many tenants.

Certain other functions of the application

  • control of the clearance with the list of errors (control of allocation of suppliers accounts missing keys, missing data,…),
  • possibility of introduction of individual currency payments under the party after installation, on costs,
  • various print capability of distribution documents, various forms, .. . in addition to the accounts, and direct loads also specific payment slips and universal payment orders can be printed,
  • possibility of postscript of open items debtor on monthly distribution voucher,
  • possibility of selection of the print content for individual partners. Content of the distribution vocher can be set for each partner individually.
  • additional possibilities of distribution vouchers with recapitulations for »larger« partners, that have many units in property and they are grouping them in common distribution vouchers usually (on distribution vouchers of possible additional recapitulation for costs, groups of costs, suppliers, subgroups of costs, costs and tax rates, kinds of places and tax rates… ),
  • exports of data of direct strains for banks,
  • exports of distribution vouchers for readout of distribution vouchers to external suppliers (XML shape of file),
  • records all contracts with owners (contract about administration, about mutual relationships),
  • quick examinations:
    • of invoice book (suppliers, own, rents, permanent invoices… ),
    • of all of transfers (permanent costs, rents, grants, administrations, administrations of contractual owners, dependent costs, invoices to meals, invoices for common places),
    • of imported files with payments (SEPA),
    • of payments,
    • of exports of direct strains,
  • direction of contract owners,
  • direction of resignations of debtors to suppliers,
  • direction of periodical contracts,
  • possibility of determining of groups of units (e.g. one partner has more groups of units, despite the possibility that distribution vouchers can unit,each partner can receive distribution voucher at his own address),
  • exports of data to some second software products: Navision, SAP,
  • possibility of direction of loans for backup fund (when is e.g. necessary a certain urgent renewal individual part of building, condition of funds of backup fund (REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA) is too small → program suitably leads and he considers also budgetary users, that they aren’t debtors for Republic of Slovenia).