We offer various types support to our clients

Applications for support/upgrades etc are sent via Imagine iPODPORA (iSUPPORT) system.

Thus our clients can easily send applications and track the status of their applications on our website.

This system facilitates a single record of applications received, easier classification of applications according to priorities, easier allocation of applications between the staff, optimal staff planning with reference to the workload (by the number of applications) in relation to working days in a month, no duplications or undetected applications, easier time measurement of the application realization of different types of applications and the appropriate analysis and consequently also the improvement of services.

How to submit the application/request for an upgrade/remark/error report…?

All our applications contain an option in the menu on the upper right side:

Help – »Suggestions and supplementations«.



Note: If you do not see this option, then your colleagues responsible for settings of the user rights shall enable it. This should not be enabled in the default settings for all users, since you should decide who can send the applications within your company. For this purpose, competent persons are specified in mutual agreements.

A window appears, where you can enter your suggestions/wishes etc., when you use this option. You can edit just as you were editing a MS Word document or similar. You are also able to add images, printscreens … The system automatically recognizes, which program the subject refers to (since you are sending from it) and who is responsible for the entry (the signed-in user).

As you confirm the application (»Send«) the applications get automatically sent to:
  • Imagine support system, “iPodpora”, where it is recorded under a unique ID number,
  • an email address that you have registered with us for the “Autoupdate” (the email gets sent to an employee that has access to this email account),
  • an email address that you can enter into “E-mail for notifications” field. This could be your private or work email address.
After having received your application, our system will send you an email to the referring addresses, which shall include a unique reference number, under which your application shall be administered. If we shall not understand your application or if we have any questions, then the Imagine support department will address every application individually. The entire correspondence shall be recorded and shall be done over the Imagine website, which you will access with your username and password.

You will be able to track all submitted applications, written correspondence, any unprocessed applications on our website.


Remote assistance enables us to connect to your network through the internet or the VPN connection and access our programs that have been installed on your server or computers.

This type of assistance results in quicker eliminations of problems and keeping the related costs to a minimum (kilometric allowance, commute time, etc).

The support is available upon request. We offer support for all the most commonly used types of remote assistance, such as Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, Microsoft remote assistance, VNC, Cisco VPN as well as PPTP and L2TP VPN.

  • For any additional information regarding remote assistance do not hesitate to call us or email us at
ISO 9001:2013
ISO/IEC 27001:2013
ISO 22301:2019

We have obtained the certificate ISO 9001:2015, which proves that IMAGINE D.O.O. has got an established and adequately maintained management system »DEVELOPMENT, MAINTAINENCE, IMPLEMENTATION, SUPPORT and SALES OF OUR OWN PROGRAM SOLUTIONS«.