Web-based program intended for Property Managers and Operators who are in charge for the distribution of cold water consumption, space heating and hot water consumption

The software allows you to calculate consumption according to different calculation parameters, to configure them in accordance with local legislation, to warn you of any errors in the meters or in the structures, and to inform you of other findings that are important for correct billing or for the operation of the devices connected to the meter reading itself.
iCounters supports the import of the following inventory files:
  • Siemens and Qundis (imports of rep or XML files)
  • Sontex
  • Landisgyr
  • Hydrocenter, Izar center
Structures can be widespread or quite simple (boiler rooms, larger residential area, a single apartment building, a commercial building, a part of a building down to individual units). Calculations can be made at both the secondary and primary level, based on different parameters (by area, by proportion, by meter by number of occupants or by combinations of parameters) using real and virtual meters. The primary level is represented by the main or input meter and the secondary level by unit meters (dividers, calorimeters, water meters).
Main benefits
  • 24/7 availability and accessibility from any web-enabled device,
  • all data is securely stored in the Oracle cloud (in the EU – Frankfurt) with leading security technologies,
  • automatic backup replication and data backup (even to another tectonic plate),
  • easy import of data from different sources into the iCounters database,
  • IT-based single centralised meter and consumption register,
  • display of possible errors in meter readings, and other warnings,
  • calculation and display of deviations,
  • automatic resolution of errors and deviations,
  • calculation of different properties and meters at primary and secondary level,
  • building analytics for water, energy, etc.
  • adding temperature deficit and comparing data with external temperatures,
  • audit trail or logs of entries, corrections, and deletions,
  • compliance with GDPR guidelines and
  • possibility to integrate with external ERP software via API interfaces (e.g. cost sharing) and with other Imagine software.

Manage and divide the consumption of energy and water for your portfolio or the portfolio of your customers with precision and ease.

For the final cost calculators (administrators, energy or water companies), however, the distribution calculations can be exported from various pre-programmed structures, depending on the country: Brunata, Delstro, HEP, Vodoopskrba, Imagine also has its own import structure, which is aligned with most of the providers.